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A 501C-3 Charity

We sell handmade tie-dye products to fund public classroom projects.

Our main hub is nestled in the charming town of Henniker, NH. We team up with festivals and events to sell beautiful tie dye made by our awesome volunteers. As a 501C-3 charity every single penny we make goes straight to backing classroom projects and every penny you spend with us is


Our tie dye creations are more than just colorful garments – they represent a vibrant community dedicated to supporting education. With every swirl and splash of color, we’re weaving together a brighter future for public school students. Our volunteers pour their passion into each piece, knowing that their efforts are making a difference in classrooms across the country. Together, we’re not just selling tie dye, we’re selling excitement, hope, and opportunity. So come, join us in spreading joy and supporting academic growth – together, let's make sure every student is inspired to proudly toss their graduation cap into the air.

Gratitude expressed by some of the many teachers we’ve supported.

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